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Queendom Media Group

Queendom Pictures & Television

The global operations of Queendom Pictures and Television, a branch of Queendom Media Group, encompass motion picture production, acquisition, and distribution; television production, acquisition, and distribution; television networks; and digital content creation and distribution. We partner with production companies, studios, and movie theaters all around the world.

Internationally, we have a strong national footprint and distribute in various regions throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

Queendom Media Group is a content provider that creates, distributes, and broadcasts programming globally. In addition to overseeing libraries of feature films, television programs.

Music Supervision

We combine music and visual media. We have qualified professionals who oversees all music related aspects of film, television, advertising, video games and other existing or emerging visual media platforms as required.

Queendom Media is a pioneer in all entertainment-related enterprises on both established and new media channels. A business that is completely integrated with a broad-based studio is home to some of the most popular creatives and brands, and it leads the way in every area of the entertainment industry, including the production and distribution of feature films, television shows, and home entertainment, as well as DVD and Blu-ray, digital distribution, animation, comic books, video games, and product and brand licensing.

​Leading content producer Queendom Media creates, distributes, and broadcasts material across all genres and platforms. in addition to overseeing significant collections of acclaimed motion pictures, television programs, other formats. With a strong portfolio of wholly-owned and joint-venture production firms operating across the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific, as well as linear and digital channels globally, QMG is home to a flourishing global content industry. Queendom Media Group is known as QMG.

We give creators and our employees the freedom to express themselves and their art, because of this we're able to demonstrate and deliver the best content with excellence. We're generous in our giving, we respect people and are inclusive, which leads us to having an authentic team and creating authentic content. Valuing our team, shows them that we care and because of this we'll be able to get the best work and attitude out of them, which translate to great quality content.

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