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What is Live@Queendom?

Live@Queendom, a live entertainment division. We are privileged to work with artists to bring their creativity to life on stages around the world. Whether it’s two hours at a packed club, or an entire weekend of sets at a festival, a live show does more than entertain. It can uplift, inspire and create a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Live@Queendom recognizes the importance and popularity of venues in the marketplace. We Value the importance of live events to local developments and are passionate about the communities in which we work. We take great pride in creating and operating venues that become cornerstones of successful developments.

Live@Queendom is a producer of live music concerts. Our core business is producing, marketing and selling live concerts via our global distribution concert pipeline. Live@Queendom offers the benefits of having global scale complemented by locally managed offices. We represents a vast wealth of experience, resources and relationships that contribute to our unique understanding of, and qualifications for, the task of successfully managing and operating venues.

We are more than music promoters; we are the leaders in our respective fields. Every aspect of our approach in business is a reflection of our uncompromising standards and dedication to excellence.

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